We have a winner!
Random.org picked number 7.
Lisa M., you win the yummy smelling Lemongrass Sugar Scrub!

Congrats and thank you all!

{And would someone please tell me how to get the copy of random.org's pick
here on this blog. I try to copy and paste the square block but it never works.}
Speaking of winning. I won at Bingo last night.....
a bag of Aunt Lorraine's bingo dabbers and a refrigerator magnet
that has a picture of her old boyfriend in it!

And while I'm here I'll post what we are doing today.
I went to breakfast with the cousins, then went garage sale-ing in the rain.
Headed over to the church for a Super Craft Saturday to say hi to the crafty girls
and came home with a little baby to babysit for a couple of hours!
I just put the baby to sleep. Dave + Blake are cleaning out the gutters.
The timer just went off which means the corn dogs are done
and it's time for lunch.
Happy Saturday.

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  1. ahhh! I totally forgot to enter... booo!

  2. Whooo hooo! Thank You! To post the pic of the random generator thing, go to your menu at bottom left of page and in the search box enter snippet and it should come up in your menu. And then follow directions from there. It is basically cropping an area and then saving to your computer then u can upload into your post.


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