Winner of the Show Funky Vintage Some Love Giveaway!

Kristen you have won the $25 FVK Love Bucks!

I decided to have Dave pick the number randomly...
but he wouldn't get off his phone.
So I called his best friend and our employee
cuz he always answers the phone when I call him!
He gets employee of the year every year.
He knows he is our only employee.
He still loves the award!!

But since we have incorporated this last month he has serious competition.
Dave is now considered an employee too!

Anyway, Kristen, you can thank Joe!
Please email me at davenapril at aol dot com
and I will give you instructions on picking out your favorite items
without having to pay for them.
All $25 worth!

In other exciting news, I will be at a local craft faire tomorrow Sat.
Very last minute and kind of crazy here right now...
but very excited.
Should be a fun day.
If you are local....here is the link.

I will be updating my blog with pictures throughout the day tomorrow
for sneak peaks of my booth and progress.

And I will be tweeting. Follow me at aprilkennedy!

Happy Friday!
Oh P.S. Did you see my buttons moved to the top and one was changed.
Blog Sale is added and will be busy next week.
I posted today over there and
there is kind of a funny story about Dave.

Go check it out and then become a follower
so you always know when something good is going to be for sale!
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