Ready for Halloween?

Costumes ready....check. Candy bought....check.
House decorated....umm not yet.
But to already have costumes picked and put together so early for me is huge.
And, this by far, has been our cheapest year in the costume department.

Blake decided he wanted to be Tim Lincecum, pitcher for the SF Giants.
Dave + Blake came up with a plan to use a wig attached to his baseball cap.
Tim Lincecum has long hair. We bought a mullet wig, cut off the back
and hot glue gunned it to Blake's baseball hat.
That's all we had to purchase...the $6.99 wig.

Kaia, at age 13, still wanted to dress up!
She decided on being a funky ballerina.
Only had to buy tights and socks!
She does look darling and funky.

Here is a close-up of Blake's long hair.
If the 'Lincecum' wasn't on the back of his shirt
people might think he was a little girl dressed up as a baseball player!
But it does help that the SF Giants are heading to the World Series!!

He actually does kind of look like Lincecum.
The kids attended a Halloween party last week.
Blake came home with an award for 'best costume'.
I told him how exciting that was.
He then told me that after they handed them out to the winners,
he raised his hand and said he wanted one too....
so they put his name on a certificate and gave him one!
He was so proud of himself!post signature


  1. He definitely looks like a "little Lincecum." Amazingly so! Kais, can I go through your candy?

  2. Way cute costume, Blake...even though I am a dire hard Texas Rangers fan!! :-)

  3. LOVE both of the costumes. Totally fit their personalities.

  4. Wow, he pulls it off well!! Looks the same age as that pitcher, too :)


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