A Rainy Day.....

Heaven got a lot more fun on October 19, 2010.
'Aunt' Lorraine Molloy

A rainy day is a perfect day for Bingo with the family. The kids are home from school this morning. We are planning on going to my parents for muffins and juice and then to Aunt Lorraine's funeral. What a wonderful sweet woman she was. So generous, so fun, so spunky, so kind, so non-judgmental, so welcoming to the wayward, always seeing the need and meeting it. And always screaming BINGO or DAMMIT.

After the funeral and burial service we are heading for a family meal to her favorite restaurant and then back to my parents to play BINGO. The thought of it makes us all smile. Oh she would be so proud of us to remember to smile and have fun in her memory. So this afternoon when one person yells 'BINGO' the rest of us will all yell 'DAMMIT' and it will be the only day I will allow my children to swear!

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  1. What a sweet way to remember this afternoon. I am sorry for you loss and will thinking of you today.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful woman. Your afternoon sounds the perfect memorial-enjoy it!
    PS: Dammit is NOT a swear word :D

  3. sorry to hear that you're losing another loved one. I'm glad you're going to give in to DAMMIT in memory of Aunt Lorraine :)

  4. April, I am sorry to hear that you have lost another loved one. It certainly has been a tough few months for you. I really admire you and your family and the way that you choose to rejoice in the life of your family members! I love the fact that you remembered her with a round of bingo!


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