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So how many of you went to the new landing page first?! Cute huh! You can find it at http://www.funkyvintagekitchen.com/ now. Just a few more changes to the blog/shop to make it easier to find me. For those of you that have already found me and are now feeling like you have to jump through hoops just to get directly to the blog....the new direct blog address is http://www.funkyvintagekitchenblog.com/ and should be available in the next couple of days. So hang in there with me please. You girls always do. Thank you.

The new sidebar button will be ready today or tomorrow too if you just want to put that on your blog to have a direct link! Trust me, you'll want to add it to your blog...there just might be a little giveaway in store later this week for doing so! As another thank you for making the changes with me. Well not 'the change' I'm still a little young for that...but you know what I mean.

This weekend Dave and I attended a travel agency timeshare sort of thing for a few really great free gifts. We were so proud of ourselves...we left with ONLY our free gifts. No $4000 deal that started at $8000 but just so happened to really only cost $4000 10 minutes into negotiations! We still walked away. San Diego and San Francisco here we come. Both free gifts we received. The San Diego includes airfare and hotel accommodations. It was a nice little date for us on Saturday afternoon.

Kaia is trying out to be on the 8th grade volleyball team for her middle school. She has been practicing a lot. Try-outs were all last week. She has no experience with volleyball but seems to be doing well with it. Taking after her father with the whole 'good at any sport you try' kind of person. Please say a little prayer for her. She finds out around 10:15 am or so today! Yesterday she said she had butterflies all day.

Blake has still managed to stay 'thumb free'. He proudly announces each morning how many days/nights it has been. Sadly though, he isn't using his blankie in bed anymore. Too closely associated with the thumb. I still sleep with my blanket. Dave sometimes tries to steal it from me in the middle of the night for him to snuggle with, but I usually find it and steal it back. Ok....so he just rolls over on to it and I have to pull it from underneath him, but I say he steals it because he is really jealous that I have a blanket and he doesn't!

The rest of the weekend was spent with family. Trying to keep Aunt Lorraine as comfortable as possible. Saying goodbye to someone in their 70s is hard, but not as tragic as saying goodbye to my brother in his 30s. The same tenderness is there, but the goodbye is a bit easier for me. She has lived a long, good life and she is coming full circle.

Oh and one last thing that happened this weekend that was fantastic....Dave and I went to an amazing estate sale. I found true treasures. Can't wait to share a few of them this week with you. But one thing that I picked up was an old Bingo game. Aunt Lorraine loves to play bingo. Lives for bingo! I told the family that when she dies, after the funeral we are gathering at my parents home for a Bingo game. The gifts to be won....some of her trinkets!! But we are not telling her. It will be something hopefully she will look down from heaven and smile upon us. Growing up during summer vacation Aunt Lorraine always held Bingo for us kids on Friday afternoons. She would garage sale the weekend before and pick up $1 items for the winnings! I'm looking forward to 'shop' her bedroom for some funny winnings for our game of Bingo.

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P.S. In changing my blog format AGAIN, I lost my blog roll AGAIN. If you were there and are not anymore, please let me know. I will miss you and figure it out at some point though.

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  1. You lost my blog on your blog roll. It's lisamerrillandkids.blogspot.com



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