My Mind, My Pocketbook, My Soul.

{the view from the backyard of my childhood home}

My mind is buzzing with business ideas.


My pocketbook is so grateful for the sales I had this past week.


My soul is saddened by the thought of my parents moving this week,
from the home I was raised in, and the home my brother died in.
It is a good move for them. Hard, but good, and I completely support them.


If you are looking for me, I will be sitting on my front porch.
It's going to be a tough week.

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  1. I know when my parents left the house they lived in for some many years it was very very diffictult. That probably doesn't even compare to what you all are going through. You are in my thoughts today April.

  2. I totally understand your heart. I very much miss the house that my grandmother lived in, and that I spent half my child/teen-hood in, and wish daily that I could go and sit on the porch again. Cherish your days there this week and hold the memories in your heart. xo

  3. Hugs to you girly! I miss our family farm my parents moved out of when I was away at school...I didn't get to say goodbye to my room or the secret place in the hayloft I spent countless hours reading in, our long stretches of woods with the countless forts and hideaways my brothers built, the many resting places of childhood pets....it's sad indeed. But you will always have your pictures, memories, and fond stories:)
    Love Mrs. Arndt


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