Kaia Said....

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Kaia said....
"I can't wait until I am old and can go live in a nursing home." I asked her why and she said, "because then you get to play bingo all day!" She was completely serious. (That one's for you, Aunt Lorraine!)

Blake went to bed two nights ago determined not to suck his thumb. He tossed and turned. He came out to the couch to try to fall asleep with some distraction but that didn't work either. Finally I offered our bed. When it was finally time for Dave and I to go to bed we found Blake curled up snug as a bug. His whole body was relaxed, except for his right hand. He had his thumb pressed so tight against the fist he had made to resist any urge to suck his thumb. His determination melted my heart and he was so proud the next morning when he was successful!

Just a few little memories that happen in our crazy busy life that I want to remember forever.
Do you have any that you want to share? I could use some sweetness/funnies right about now!

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  1. soooo sweet and precious!

    i think you've just inspired me to blog "things I dont want to forget". I haven't blogged in WEEKS from the crazy life that has become mine.

    So thank you for the reminder that I need to remember the little things.

  2. A few days ago for some reason I said to little 6 year old Jared, "Nice try sista!" Without missing a beat he responded, "I'm not your sista! I'm your brotha from anotha motha!" Greg and I dropped laughing at that one...

  3. My seven year old told my 3 year old to "Talk to the hand!"
    My 3 year old said, "Hi Hand!"
    I could have died!

  4. I blog all those things in a series called "Slices of Life." I try to post one every two to three months, a little reminder of the funny things my kids have said. You're welcome to come by and check them out when you need a giggle! http://katandgray.blogspot.com/search/label/slices%20of%20life


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