Just Stopping in to Say 'Hi'

....and to show you Kaia's mad make-up skills.

....and Blake being a good sport!

Kaia had a babysitting gig with our sweet little neighbor Miss G. Miss G wanted some girlie time so Kaia decided make-up was in order with her mother's approval. Blake just wanted a friend to play with so he went along with the fun! Miss G looks darling with a little touch of sparkle. Blake on the other hand has blush smeared all over his face for fun. Both kids had a fun time with Kaia as the babysitter!


Happy Friday today. I spent some time with girlfriends getting my hair highlighted this morning, now it's off to spend some more time with Aunt Lorraine. Dave gave her the most beautiful Priesthood blessing last night blessing her with strength, peace, comfort and courage. Reminding her that because of her actions that she knows Jesus Christ and how wonderful that meeting in heaven will be. He also encouraged her to embrace this next journey and to not be afraid. It made us all cry.


A friend just stopped by to purchase some Funky Vintage Kitchen items from my kitchen because my studio is still in the works. She bought my last apron that was available on Esty. So that means more sewing next week to restock the shop and get ready for the Queen Bee Market. Rarely are any two aprons the same. I like to keep them unique. If you have your eye on one....you need to get 'em while their hot. Hot off the sewing machine that is!


Hope you enjoy your weekend. I know ours will be filled with joy and tears, but they really are the kind of tears that are OK tears. Sad, but OK. Now I am really off to go text an apology to my husband for snapping at him this morning when he interrupted my hair + girlfriend time. We have a lot of work to get accomplished this weekend and it would be nice if we were lovey dovey at the same time! post signature


  1. Give Aunt Lorraine and your mom and dad our love. We love you guys and are praying for you.

  2. Those are some amazing eyes on Blake... crazy blush an all! What a good sport!

    Hugs and prayers foy you this weekend :)

  3. Blake is such a good sport! And Miss Kaia is a great makeup artist! :)

    Big big hugs to you and your family. What a beautiful blessing that Dave gave. Spoken right from the promptings of the Holy Spirit no doubt. The power of Christ is an amazing thing. He gives us the strength, courage and knowledge... and He knows just what needs to be said and to who.

    Looking forward to the Queen Bee Market!!!


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