"I Took A Picture for Your Blog".....said Dave.

My thoughts on this picture....
I love falling asleep on the couch.
I hate the having to wake up to go to bed.
Can't Dave just carry me to bed like he did Blake that night?
Whenever I ask....he just laughs.
What does that mean?

I love the pillow my head is resting on.
The mustard color, the flowers on the 'good side'.
Oh it is yummy.

Blake ALWAYS has to be touching one of us when he sits/sleeps on the couch.
And, I do believe only a mother would allow such invasion of space during sleep.
Blake must have been really tired to fall asleep in such an uncomfortable position.
I'm pretty sure the next day he complained of a sore neck.

Blake's socks don't match.
That used to drive me nuts.
Not so much anymore.
But have it be known that I do fold matching to matching
when it comes to socks. Except for Kaia's....she likes hers 'co-ordinating'.

I started to fall asleep on the couch last night at 9:45.
Dave told me to just go to bed.
I did and slept sound until 6:00 am.
And feel much more rested today than I would have
if I had slept my first two hours on the couch.

Oh how I'll miss you couch.
But my bed makes for a much more restful nights sleep.

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  1. Too sweet! Caroline sleeps in the craziest positions! And when she sleeps with us, she has to have her leg flung over me!

  2. What a great picture! What a good guy for capturing it for you...he probably knew you would love it.

  3. I love falling asleep on the couch too. In fact, it's almost a nightly thing.

  4. How funny about Blake... Nat is the saem way about touching during sleep. He will often sneak into my room after I have fallen asleep and then he will fall asleep STANDING next to my bed holding my hand! Silly boy...

    But.. .what I really came over to say is:

    Your words and prayers bless me.. thank you so much for all that you are! The newest post on our page id directed to YOU and the fl=olks like you in our life.

    Thank you.

  5. OK you know what I notice in this picture? The knobs on the kitchen cabinets, are those new? I don't remember colored knobs...and cute pic of mommy and son too!


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