I Found My Pictures!

My packaging station.
I realized during my last craft fair that this area is a must for me!

The boys in the family (Dave, Blake and Uncle Richie) spent Friday night putting together my little cello bags complete with paper crinkle and a business card. Thanks, boys!

These are new rings for me. I LOVE them.
And, already have more coming.
The pretty blue one in the middle is still available.
I will be listing it today for $15.
If you feel that you need it, let me now and I will set up
a listing just for you in my Etsy shop. I wore the grey one
until it sold right off my finger!

My cake plates and little 'vintage finds' section.

Jewelry and aprons!

Bobbies of all kinds!

Kaia and her girlfriend rode our cruisers to the faire.
I thought they looked so cute behind our booth.

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  1. Suuuper cute!!! I love the green ring!!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. I NEED a "keep calm and carry on" ring! Do you have any green ones coming back in stock? Let me know when I can get you some moola.


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