Freebie Friday!

Freebie Friday = make any purchase today in my shop and receive a free blossom bobby with your happy mail. I'll pick out a special one just for you. It will be a surprise!

Please put 'freebie friday' in the notes to seller so I know you are a blog/facebook follower.
Why a freebie? Because you all are fabulous.

Thank you!

No, really....THANK YOU!

(Don't have a paypal account? I'm pretty sure I saw that they updated their site so you can click below the login paypal screen to pay with a debit/credit card. That would be awesome if that is the case! Click pay with paypal and see if it gives you that option just below the login screen on the left and let me know!)
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  1. Hey April... I wanted to get some of the bobby pins, but I only see 1turqoise one. Are there any others?

  2. i loooooove your store on etsy!!! the sweetbutterly cake plate. ya. i want it. i have the china like that!!!!


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