Flashback Friday - Halloween Edition!

I still can't believe my mom let me dress up as this.

But in 1983 (even before Pretty Woman)
I went trick-or-treating as a......


Back row...
My sister Jill as a babydoll, my brother Jason as a boxer and me as a Hooker.
Front row....
our friend's little boy Keith dressed as a fireman in one of those plastic costumes!

And Halloween 1984...

A Hooker again! Complete with a fake fur zip-up jacket
and fish net stockings.

Please note extra knobby knees and very bad hair for a couple of years.
I was 12 and 13 in these pictures.
Kaia is 13 in the picture I posted yesterday.
No fair.

If you missed what my kids are dressing up as this year for Halloween
scroll down a few posts. I can guarantee you though that it is not a hooker.

And one more flashback Halloween picture that I posted awhile back, but it was very small....

Dave as The Incredible Hulk with his little brother as a bunny!
This picture makes me burst out laughing every single time I see it.

Happy Halloween this weekend!post signature


  1. Oh my Lord, that is hilarious! A hooker :))))

  2. Okay, your mom gets the award for MOST LAID BACK MOM EVER! That is so hilarious! I can't imagine my mom letting me dress up as a hooker for Halloween at any age -- though your costume WAS pretty demure. That makes me giggle!

  3. a hooker? geez Apes...you're too much :) lol. I love Dave's hair cut. Super Deluxe!!

  4. The Green HULK!!!!! Loved him.

    and a hooker? lol wow.


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