Dear Dave,
When I asked you the big question, "What is it like being married to me?" Why did you laugh? And why did you choose to not really answer the question? I'm still waiting......
Love, me

Dear Aunt Lorraine,
I meant everything I said in the card I gave you at Mother's Day. We truly are the women we are in our family - a lot because of you. You are leaving a legacy of love and a willingness to serve each other and our community and we promise to make you proud. When you get to heaven will you please give my brother a big hug for me and tell him I miss him like crazy? I know you will, you already told me that he is the first person on your list to go find! Go give him hell in true Aunt Lorraine style. Oh how we will miss you, you feisty little lady. You have always been more like a grandmother to me and a mother to my mom. You keep fighting though right now and we will enjoy every little moment we have with you here on this earth.
Love, me

Dear House,
Can you please figure out how to clean yourself? I grew up watching The Jetsons. I thought that we would be 'the future'. I know we have the 'roomba' available to us now. I need to get one of those. But a built-in house robot to clean would be wonderful. Until that happens, I think that you will be happy to know that I'm calling Marissa for a little visit tomorrow to make you shine like you used to when she was here regularly. Now, Marissa is a little treat here and there.....for all of us!
Love, me

Dear Luvs Diaper Company,
Can you please make a size 7 diaper? We have been stretching the size 6's for a couple of years now and my little boy just keeps growing and refuses pull-ups. When he wears a pull-up, changing is a little more involved....with shoes needing to come off and on EACH time. No fun for any of us. And I already have a hard time getting him to stop playing to do bathroom time, let alone a full change. Oh and could you lower the price please. A box of diapers each week has been tough on the budget for the last 8 years.
Love, me

Dear Car,
Please quit making that clunking noise. Needing to buy tires for all three cars this summer just about killed us. Can you give us a few months to recover before we need anymore repairs? With that said, we are still loving your style!
Love, me

Dear Brain,
Could you please turn-off just for a few hours each day. Gearing up for The Queen Bee Market has my mind on over-drive which sends me into overwhelm mode. I'm not necessarily nice to my family in overwhelm mode. And they deserve me to be nice from time to time!
Love, me

Dear Mom + Dad,
I really do love your new 'bungalow'. It already feels like home!
Love, me

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  1. I love love love love this post!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. Happy day April! Oh we have had one of the most craziest summers! Car problems, you name it. I even ruined my 30th birthday by worrying over something so dumb that God blessed us anyways so we could fix it. He never let us go without a meal, a ride to work,no sickness! Put all your trust in the Lord, He will provide. Maybe not in a way you think of but He will provide. I will keep you and your family in my prayers friend :)
    ~Molly P

  3. Cute and creative post April!

    Ugh, I hate car repair bills. I am still paying off the $500 bill for engine repair to the now totaled mini van. UGH!!!!!

  4. I love this post April!!! I really hope the car doesn't give you any more issues! And when you hear back from the house let me know. I loved the Jetsons and need a robot house keeper too!

  5. Dear April,

    Dave's laugh meant you were entertaining. Aunt Lorraine just loves us so much it's hard for her to leave. (beautiful blessing last night Dave!) Will Marissa bring you her good Mexican food with her mop? Have you contacted Luvs? You are a consumer and they will listen to you. Your car can work on a wing and a prayer. Pray for both. Sorry about the brain. If the brain weren't working overtime how would you get 27 hours in a day? And we love our bungalow too. What I most love is coming home and finding something else you did. Sorry I cried about the pictures and you had to put them away. Kinda funny though too ~ the way I just burst out crying. Unpredictable is my name right now. I think I was a good mom today and answered all your questions. Have a great day!

    Love, Mom xoxo

  6. Give Aunt Lorraine, and your mom and dad our love. We love you guys and are praying for you!


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