Because We All Need To Smile!

This little boy has come into his own lately. Silly, funny, entertaining. A gut wrenching giggle is what he is bringing into our home these days. As I gear up for a HUGE Blog Sale, Blake found a Mr. Mac's suit that will be up for grabs. It is a size 5. Blake now wears a size 10 but he decided all on his own to be silly and put it on. Then proceeded to come out doing silly moves. I love his confidence! And his own giggle is so contagious.

Something else to smile about.....my memories of our Aunt Lorraine. She passed away peacefully early yesterday morning in my parents' home. She wasn't really my Aunt. She was my mom's Aunt. But she was my Godmother and she was every one's Aunt Lorraine. Everyone called her Aunt Lorraine, even my friends. When my mom turned 16 she went to live with Aunt Lorraine. Her and Uncle Dan raised my mom as if she were their own. Which then made Aunt Lorraine more like my grandma. For many years, we lived just down the street from Aunt Lorraine and we spent a lot of time with her.

I have a favorite memory of Aunt Lorraine. I was probably 9 or 10. We had had eggs for breakfast one morning. The morning of the big Crab Feed at Aunt Lorraine and Uncle Dan's home just down the street from us that same evening. I begged my mom for more scrambled eggs and she said if she cooked more, I better eat them. Well by the time she was done cooking them, I determined that I really was full. My mom placed the plate in front of me and declared, "you will eat nothing else today until you finish these eggs. They can be your breakfast, lunch and dinner." Now in my mom's defense, there was a big discussion before she made the second batch of eggs....her telling me that I really was probably full, but I argued with her....so she cooked.

When it was time to go to the big Crab Feed down the street at Aunt Lorraine's house guess what came with us....my cold plate of eggs. I guess I had continued to argue so much with my mom that it was then decided that they wouldn't be re-heated....I'd have to eat them cold. Oh the abuse!!

I remember sitting in the kitchen with Aunt Lorraine working at the sink. She asked the story behind the eggs. I told her the WHOLE story. I did feel bad. She then quickly took my eggs and re-heated them for me on the stove without my mom noticing. When they were done, I just sat and looked at the eggs and burst out crying. I just wanted crab. It was then that Aunt Lorraine took my eggs and quickly tossed them into the garbage while proclaiming through the kitchen door that 'April had finished all her eggs!' And we went and ate crab together.

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  1. oh what a precious story april :-) did your mom know before now (when she reads this) that aunt lorraine had done that for you?

  2. So sorry to hear about Aunt Lorraine. We loved that lady!

  3. Funny how that all comes around. Your mom learned that move from Aunt Lorraine and probably saved us a time or two from the same horrible fate. Great story.


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