Baby Gifts + The House That Built Me

Did you know that I make baby shower gifts? Well I do. Only when I am commissioned. But I am planning on adding a FVK Baby line to my shop. Because I love babies.

Here is the latest baby shower gift I made for a girlfriend who is giving it to one of her best girlfriends! She asked if I would make her one of my Nursing Cover Aprons....the one that I have cleverly added a tag line of 'play peek a boo with your baby not your boob'! My friend said the mommy-to-be was modern and hip and didn't know the sex of the baby.... I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use. And, knew I would add a coordinating burp cloth.

I suggested adding a little ring just for the mommy-to-be and my girlfriend thought that was a great idea. In fact, she picked out the cutest turquoise/slate ring + bobby pin to add to the gift. Which means that pretty grey ring in the bottom corner picture is still available in my shop. I made one just for my own personal collection and it is darling on!


Here are a few other pictures of baby shower gifts I have made in the past. One was for a girl...obviously and the other a sweet little boy!

That ruffled bottom was to die for! And the cowboy print below is one of my all-time favorite fabric combinations!


Speaking of pasts, I have been re-visiting a lot of memories in my childhood home this week. Walking through the empty house, slowly down the hall. Into each bedroom. Remembering who slept in each bedroom and when. Lingering the longest in the smallest bedroom. The bedroom that became my brother's when he moved back home when he was sick. I locked up the house last night. My parents didn't know I was doing that...I just felt like I needed to go back and make sure the place was secure after the moving crew (a.k.a. the men from church) blew through there like angels in an instant. I locked the windows in the small bedroom and turned to where Jason's hospital bed once was and dared to talk out loud.

After I said what I needed to, I brought my fingers to my lips, kissed them and blew them his direction as I said 'good night J' for the last time in that bedroom. And believe it or not, I didn't even cry much. Just smiled with a huge lump in my throat, so thankful for the beautiful memories our family has in that home.

One other special memory I have in that home is my mom in the kitchen. She always made us the best breakfasts before school. I'm talking french toast, pancakes, egg on toast or even the occasional well balanced instant breakfast chocolate shake complete with raw egg and banana!

Today I decided that was what I wanted for breakfast....that special shake. So here I sit sipping it, made in my own kitchen. Except I left out the egg. And, today I am resolving to get up earlier to create those same memories in my own kitchen with my kids. Because right now...I hate to admit it, but we are running out the door with some sort of quick breakfast in hand missing that special memory making time of before school breakfasts.

So with that....Cheers to 1052 Bella Drive! You are 'the house that built me'....and I don't even listen to country music that much, but I do love that song. It has even more meaning to me now than ever before.

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  1. Oh those are all suuuper cute!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. April, I have a lot of great memories at the house too. Loved the Christmas caroling each year and watching your dad outside for weeks putting up all the Christmas lights. That was always a highlight of our kids Christmas, being able to look out their bedroom windows and see the coolest lit house in Napa. We love you guys!

  3. What a nice post. I liked reading about your home. And I love the cowboy burp clothes. Cowboy fabric is hard to find in Boston. :)

  4. What a great memory to have as saying goodbye to the house that built you.

    LOVE the ruffle butt! Next baby gift I need I'm calling on you! ha! :)

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet up if you come down for the Queen Bee Market.

    I too wish we were closer... I'm finding myself a bit lonely these days. The hubby is going to grab dinner with his co-workers tonight. Which, I wanted to badly to say noooooo come home to me. But I know he needs it. Like you said, he'll be a better husband and daddy because of it. He's going to miss seeing Julian's freshly cut hair. *sob* yes, I'm taking my son for a real haircut.

  5. so why are your parents moving? and where did they move to?

  6. It's amazing how much brick and mortar can mean to you. I have such wonderful memories of my grandparents' house, in which I spent a significant amount of time when I was younger. I can still remember the scent of that house, and I'm 37!

  7. I love that cover up - I also love that combo of gray/yellow and your beautiful ring!

  8. where do you buy your fabric? i love the nursing cover one.


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