The Enchanted Village Faire...A Success!

All set up and ready to go. Let the fun begin. We are right next to the Smoothie Bike! I am happy. (sent from phone during faire)

This was the picture I uploaded from my phone. I then took a bunch of pictures, including close-ups with my camera and then got home and managed to delete them all. At least that is what I think happened, because I can't find them anywhere. Bummer.

I had a good day. Made great contacts. Always have fun selling my goodies to excited women and little girls and enjoyed hanging out for the day with my hubby. He is always so supportive of this little venture! I love him extra for that.

Now I'm off to go listen to our church's General Conference to be fed spiritually. I probably should eat something too to be fed physically. It's on the BYU channel.

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