Uncle Richie's 'Now Famous' Cowboy S'mores Recipe

Uncle Richie's Cowboy S'mores
Flour (or corn) Tortillas
Creamy Peanut Butter
Milk Chocolate Chips

Spread a thin layer of creamy peanut butter on flour or corn tortilla.
Sprinkle chocolate chips in a row.
Cut marshmallows in strips and place in row along side of chocolate chips.
Roll tortillas up and wrap in tin foil.
Place in coals or on barbecue for awhile.
Maybe 10 minutes or so....until insides are melted.
Unroll foil carefully and eat.
Or cut up and share!

We did a taste test with both flour and corn tortillas. Both are good, but the flour are a bit sweeter while the corn add a bit more texture.
The vote was 8 to 2....flour winning.
But the corn did not go to waste.
They were eaten up also.

And it would be an honor if you would call them Uncle Richie's Cowboy S'mores.
He is that good of an uncle to deserve the honor.
He came up camping with us and brought all the ingredients...
plus 20 light sticks.
One for each of our friends' children!
What a sweetie.
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  1. Thanks! And yes we will call them Uncle Richie's Cowboy S'mores. We are going camping soon and will surely be trying these out! Maybe I will cheat and make them in the oven first, for a taste test. You know, because I can't wait that long! THANKS!

  2. glorious! we are going camping next weekend and we are totally doing this!

  3. Yumm. Reminds me of our favourite when we were kids. We slice a banana and wrap it in foil with chocolate pieces and marshmallows. Sooo good :)

  4. How sad. :( I'll never get to share the joys of peanut butter and chocolate with my Turner. Damn allergy.

  5. We tried these out this past weekend! They were awesome!


    Thanks Again!


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