A Quick Bachelor Pad Re-Cap

I can't help myself. I tried not to re-cap.
I was tired that night. Didn't feel up to it.
BUT I can't get my thoughts out of my head.
So I need to share.

Kovacs, LOVE you!
You stole my heart with your sensitivity.
Not only with Blondie but with Gwen too.
Glad you stayed around.

Jesse B., the burping, in my book, was fine.
The going in for the booger, not fine.
I don't think Vodka is your thing.
It made you act like an immature teenage boy.
Not attractive in my book.

Peyton, good for you for holding your ground.
It helps that Jesse gave you a rose so early on.
Had you not gotten the rose that early,
I do think you would have had to play along a bit.
But I'm glad you didn't.
Also in my book....the good girl always wins.

Krisily, Dave did have your back.
You will see when you watch the show
and then realize just how wrong you were.
But, thanks for keeping Kovacs around.
Kiptyn was the one that blew that one for you.
He is too morally good for this game.
And after that move, it confirmed that he and Tenley are perfect for each other.
I seriously thought Tenley would annoy him,
but I think they are a match made in heaven in a sort of....
"to good to be true" kind of way.

Nikki, you drive me crazy for some reason.
Get out of Wes' bed.
You are the girl that is friends with all the guys
and gets really close to them, sometimes uncomfortably close.
The boys are not into you.
You will always be a 'better friend' than a girlfriend. Sorry.
Kind of like Natalie being "always the bridesmaid, never the bride."
It's just the pary girl image Natalie. You will be a bride.
No worries.

The having to answer the questionnaire honestly was just plain brutal.
And, so mean.
I felt horrible for those girls.
All of them.
I would hate to be labeled any of those things.
It was on national TV.
What they have to remember is that a NAME had to be written down.
Doesn't mean that it fits entirely.

Even though it is a game, I do love that some are finding love.
I'm always a sucker for a good (or trashy) love story!

There...now I can stop thinking about it.
Now...off to make my day count.
I've been thinking about that a lot lately too.
Making my day count!

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  1. I cannot resist your recaps....they are hilarious! Somebody call ABC - I think you would make a fantastic blogger for them! Seriously! They can't take this show seriously...or can they?!

  2. I seriously think my husband wants to claim he doesn't know me because I'm watching Bachelor Pad. He thought The Bachelorette was bad enough ... but now I've gone and started watching this. It's like a train wreck ... I can't NOT look.

  3. April... how did I just run across your bachelorette and bachelor pad recaps? I love them. So funny.


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