Pretty Things.

Happy Friday my dear friends.

I love purchasing pretty things
and dreaming of pretty things to make
with them.

I'm planning on stocking my shop this weekend.
I know I've said that before,
but this time I mean it.

And, next week I am going to ask for your help
in spreading the love for Funky Vintage Kitchen.
There will be a reward up for grabs!

I need to get serious about FVK....
or go get a job,
so says the husband.
{Very lovingly, I might add.}

It would be helpful if my studio was completed,
but that takes some money
so I will get busy to earn the rest to complete it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

If you are local,
my parents are having a huge yard sale
and I will have some treasures there also for sale.
Stop by and be sure to say HI!
1052 Bella Drive, Napa. post signature


  1. Hey April,

    Thanks for the free advertising. If your friends are interested we will have Longaberger and Princess House treasures also. Actually I'm more excited about our trip to IKEA right after the garage sale! Happy Friday to all. :o)


  2. I love your mom's comment and I loooove Ikea.

    I am ready to spread some Love for Funky Vintage Kitchen! I can't wait to see your new stuff. Now if I could just lose 5 pounds before this weekend.

  3. Oh Mom,
    I am excited for Ikea too. It is always fun to spend someone elses money! Can't wait to help you shop. We have a few things on our list as well. Should be a fun day.


  4. Local I'm not. But as the winter nears, I sure wish I were. I hope their yard sale is fabulous! Sell some things and have a great weekend!


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