My Big Little Giveaway!

I've been talking about it for forever!

I picked up a little sump'n sump'n for you from my Kitson LA shopping spree.

{Kitson LA is where are the stars shop if you didn't know.
I read trashy star magazines...that's how I know!}

So here we go......

... the cutest page flags I have ever seen!
To mark all your favorite finds or ideas
while browsing through your favorite magazines.

No more flipping through the magazine to find the corner of the page that you folded over.
Hip. Hip. Hooray!

But what fun would it be to get Page Flags with no magazine?
So here is the Summer 2010 BH&G Storage Magazine.
That grabbed my eye from the magazine rack because of the cute color combos!

Just leave a comment here on the blog or on my facebook page
(if that's how you read my blog)
and I will pick a winner on Monday evening.
Good Luck!
Now go have a fabulous weekend.
I'll be hanging with my girlfriends this weekend
at Time Out for Women.
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  1. I'm the first-- hopefully a good sign! So cute!

  2. Love the page flags! Oh-so stylish!


  3. Love the page flags and love your blog!

  4. Let's hope that I can win another giveaway! :) Does lightening strike twice? Let's hope winning a giveaway does! ha!


  5. Those are the cutest page flags I've ever seen! Perfect for marking the 100 things I want out of every PB and Ballard catalog. ;)

  6. those are super cute! I love that idea. I just happened to stumble upon your blog and its amazing! :) Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, those are fantastic! They would pretty up my reports at work and also the fun stuff I find in magazines for later...

  8. April - you are amazing and I definitely want a chance to win!


  9. What cute little flags! Have a great time at Time Out for Women, one of these days I'm gonna go to that!

  10. The page flags are great, the magazine even better.

  11. Those page flags are really cute! Never seen anything like that before!

  12. I LAlooove the flags! I've never commented on your blog before, but visit you all the time. I look forward to you blog everyday too!

  13. How fun are those! Pick me :)

  14. Super Cute... but of course they are becasue YOU picked them :)

    BTW... As much as I hoped and wished we could make it up to see you next weekend, I just can't come up with the $$ for a night in a hotel :( So bummed... would have loved to see you all :)

    How is Blake doing in transitioning?

  15. I need to get organized TODAY!!! Magazine and page flags look great... very creative April.

  16. I would sure love to win! You will love Time Out for Women! It is so inspiring!

  17. Oh, now I think I need to do a giveaway, it has been months since I have done one. Cute flags btw...

  18. I don't read magazines much, but can I use these to mark books? I love finding great quotes or thoughtful expressions in books to use later on. In fact, just thinking of this little habit of mine makes me suddenly nostalgic for academia and introspection and general nerdiness. *sigh* Someday I can get back to being an intellectual geek.

  19. TOFW... dang, sounds fun..& enter me in the contest would ya.

  20. It's been a while, I've loved catching up over here!

  21. Love those!!! I am forever folding over pages in magazines because I can't stand to rip pages out of them!!!

  22. i am FOREVER folding over pages in my magazines because i refuse to tear pages out of them! if i don't win them i'll definitely have to go find some!!!

  23. I could definitely use this inspiration right about now! Major home overhaul in progress...


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