Loaded Question + Thought for the Day

This one will make you think.

John Bytheway suggested asking your spouse....
What is it like being married to me?

I'm planning on working on a few things for the next two weeks
before I actually ask that question!

But think how amazing this question could be within a marriage if tenderness and respect are used during the open and loving conversation. Or even the power of suggestion in asking the question would probably makes us all treat each other a little better in our own home.

P.S. He also suggested that love notes showing appreciation to a spouse
count for like a gazillion points. I've been doing it and it does!post signature


  1. Great idea April, let us know how it goes.

  2. Sounds like Time Out for Women was packed with such great tidbits. Sorry I missed it ... but glad you went.


  3. Love texts are awesome too. Matt will just send a text out of the blue that says: You are Wonderful. I am so glad I have you.

  4. How about love texts? Do they count for at least...20 points? Ten if they follow angry words??

    I'll be interested to hear what occurred in the Kennedy house if you go ahead and ask the question. :)


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