Labor Day Weekend - Coloma in Pictures! **(updated)

It was a great long weekend.
Appetizer Challenge Friday night.
Rib Cook-Off Saturday night.
Two cuties in our camp pole dancing and kissing.
Lots of bike riding.
Cold river tubing.
Late night Bingo.
And all kinds of fun in between!

...and my most favorite picture from the whole weekend....
...because when I approached the campfire...
it really did look like Darryl was eating watermelon

Can't wait for next year!
It will be our 7th year going.post signature


  1. OH so much fun...Thanks for the giggles! Great pics! I think I took 4 all weekend...that's not even 1 per day! I'm so bad! Will that change when my kids get older?? I'm going to have to get copies from you so I can have something to scrapbook. I already can't wait for next year...my 10th! By the way...I LOVE that little dancing girl! :)

  2. Can I get the recipe for the cowboy smores? I am intrigued!

  3. Cowboy smores?

    Looks like you had a blast!!!

  4. Um. Cowboy S'mores? HOW DO YOU MAKE THOSE?!?

  5. What a fun weekend in the river and sunshine. Jealous! Right here!


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