Kaia's Got A Brand New Room.

Bed and Rug from Ikea

Blue + Gray bedding is Dwell from Target.
(no longer available...bummer)
White duvet is from Ikea.
It is all white and has a pretty windowpane pattern on it.

The Euro shams were also from Target,
as well as the throw pillow.
The rosette throw pillow is so hard to find
and is usually out of stock the day it becomes available.
I got lucky two times at the store.
This one was on my couch before being moved into her bedroom.
I was missing it on my couch and was so excited the day I walked into Target
and saw ONE sitting on the shelf.
It is by DwellStudio.

The walls in Kaia's room are painted Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware.
But mixed to match by our local paint store to save money.
The bulletin tutorial is here.
And, the fabric I used is Joel Dewberry's Nap Sack in Sunglow.

The paper tray and pencil holder were just purchased at Forever 21
and were so affordable.
Heck everything in Forever 21 is affordable!
Her desk and chair were purchased from PB Kids quite a few years ago.
They are showing extreme wear but still work.

Kaia's nightstand is one of my favorite areas of the room.
We live in a small space. 1300 square feet total.
I was so excited when I found this shelf from PB Kids a few years ago
and new it would make a perfect small space night stand!

The little circles lamp is from Target.
It was on clearance for $4.98. Hooray!
The 'Did You Think to Pray' print is from Persimmon + Pink.
It is the 8x10 print with a simple matted frame from Target.

The little gray picture frame is from Pottery Barn Kids.
And the 'K' is from Urban Outfitters.
Both were pink from her old bedroom.
I simply spray-painted them gray to work in her new room.
Magnetic butterfly is from Target.
And, no teenagers room would be complete without Twilight somewhere.
I prefer books over posters!

Kaia's dresser is old and is pretty beat up.
It was purchased years ago from Bombay Kids.
But it still works so we are keeping it.
The mirror was a framed piece of art (poster really)
that we were not using anymore.
I took the frame to my local glass company and for $35
had a piece of glass installed in it.

Kaia gets ready for her day in her bedroom
so all her hair and make-up supplies are kept on her dresser.
It could be staged prettier...but this is real life.
Her blow dryer and straightener are hidden behind the frame.
But I do that every morning...not just for picture day.

And that completes Kaia's bedroom tour.
There are still a few little things that need to be done.
Like baseboard and trim installed in the whole room!
But that comes with being a contractor's wife.

I also have my eye on this chair and think it would be perfect
for the last empty corner in her room.
Wish it came in a velvet mustard yellow though.

I really do love this new rug.
We have a no shoes in bedroom rule now since purchasing it.
Now if I can just keep our little dog Zoe from peeing on it.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!post signature


  1. Wow! It looks amazing and so serene! Great job!

  2. Gorgeous! Love that colour combo. You did a great job, and the room does not look small at all :)

  3. oh, it's so pretty! classy and calm. i love it.

  4. It's THE perfect room for a girl her age. I love it. I love the yellow...the lamp...the K....you did a wonderful job. I cannot WAIT until we have space and money to decorate a room for each kid. Just have to get through daycare bills....breathe in, breathe out.

  5. I love it! the did you think to pray poster is awesome too.

  6. Beautiful! And I would be happy to have all of that in MY room! :)

  7. i saw these pictures last night and then started watching a "sell my house" type show where they come in, paint, do the staging, etc. and they used this bedding set! i love it - i love how you used the yellow to accent too...i need you to come help me with my bedroom ;-)

  8. How cute! I would have loved to have a room like that as a teenager, heck I'd love to have that room now!

  9. Would you PLEASE adopt me? I love this room - it is beautifully girly and perfect in every way. Love the fancy pillows!

  10. So cute, April! Maybe home decor should be your next career. Think of all the busy moms you know that could hire you to re-do their kid's rooms.

  11. Gorgeous room! You are so talented...

  12. I love it!! you're so good at this stuff. putting it all together & making it look fantastic. You must do a lot of window shopping to find so many great things in so many different places.

  13. You have such a great style!

    Mandy Lynne

  14. How funny is this? I have the same rug and the same flower pillow from target in my master bedroom. So funny. We have similar tastes!


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