Hello $34.99 + Thought for the Day!

{Bachelor Pad post below for Bachelor fans.}

My new dress from Down East Basics!
Love their prices.
It is actually cuter and longer than shown on the website model.
And, I wrapped the built in ties around the back,
instead of tying a bow in front.
It's crazy and fun and ME!

Wish I had a great offer for you like other blogs do when they highlight an item from a store.
But I'm just not there yet.
Sorry folks!
But go shop anyway.
They have really cute items. Really CUTE.
And size wise....I'm about a 10-12 right now and bought the X-Large.
I don't normally flaunt my sizes but thought I'd help you out.
It's never fun ordering something online and not have it fit you when you get it.

Now for the thought for the day.
It's a good one.
From Amanda Dickson....

"Your BEST is good enough!"

Like as in.....
I searched the fridge, freezer and pantry
and came up with eggs and hash browns for dinner last night
and proudly announced to the family.....
"This is the BEST I could do tonight!"

And I felt pretty darn proud I did the BEST I could do with what we had on hand.
Instead of saying "eggs and hash browns....sorry guys."
I was excited actually.
What a thought....what a weight lifted off of me.
I was happy last night with the dinner I came up with.

I'm gonna really like this quote.
And, use it for everything.
Because most times as long as we give our best,
even though it might not be perfect,
or as good as someone else could do,
as long as it is OUR best,
we can feel good about it.
Feel content with knowing we gave it our all.

I have always shy'd away from bringing a meal into someones home who is in need.
Because I fear that it might not be adequate or good enough.
Not creative enough or fancy enough.
But guess what?
I'm gonna give it a try and give it my best.
And I bet they will like my best.
And I will feel good about serving and giving my best.
{I promise it won't be eggs + hash browns!}

"Your BEST is good enough!"

YUP....I'm gonna love this quote.

She also said....
"Breasts come in two sizes....too big or too small!"
Funny but true!
Let's do our best to love ourselves exactly how we are.

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  1. I'm a "too big"! You are so funny!

    Love the dress, it's super cute and flattering on you!

    Love the pose too!

  2. I LIKE that quoute!! I need it tatooed to my hand so I cna remind myslef a million times a day :)

    Thanks for sharing!


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