Busy as a Bee

I've been busy taking pictures of my product and loading them on Etsy.
This is the backdrop I set up for taking pictures.
I am still uploading today.
My goal is to have the store fully stocked by this evening.
I went to Butter Cream Bakery this morning to help me reach that goal.
You know a little sugar does me good!
I have been collecting fun pieces to use for displays.
The painted blue item is actually an old silverware drawer found
at an antique store for $18.
And completely unrelated but still wanted to share.
I'm still rocking my maternity dresses....
even though I'm NOT pregnant!
shhhh...don't tell.
I was so excited to pair this dress with my favorite brown boots.
It is officially fall.
Except we are going to be in triple digits today.
Bring it on.
I love the heat.
Boots and all in September!

I'm wearing flip flops and shorts today.
And, do you spy that little project going on behind me.
Yup...another one that we started and didn't finish this summer.
Good thing we still have a few good months of weather here in California.
It's going to be my sun bathing spa area complete with trellis, lounge chairs and curtains.
Stay tuned this week for Kaia's New Room
and some Funky Vintage Kitchen shop love!
Now, I'm off to eat my cream horn and work on my to-do list today.
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  1. Just the name Buttercream Bakery sounds so amazing I can't stand it!

    You look adorable, by the way....love that dress and pretty smile!

    Have a fabulous day!

    - Jessica (from the very rainy East Coast on a gray, 55 degree day)

  2. uhhh. i wore a maternity skirt to work the other day. and buttercream is a MUST when I come to napa. yummy.

  3. You look adorable, love the flower detail on the dress:)

    Mrs. Arndt

  4. So, where did you get that dress because I need to shop there. I have not found a cute maternity dress and it is driving me crazy. I have one skirt and that is it! Anyway, I would love to know where you got that. I wouldn't get the same thing of course but would love to see what else they have.

  5. You look so sassy for a MOM. :) Wait...moms CAN be sassy, too. That's right. I forget some days when I'm just plum tired with glasses and messy hair.

    Did you say sun spa area???? Directions, please.

  6. LOVE this! what a cute backdrop...
    Your blog is SO adorable.


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