Bachelor Pad Recap - Sick and All.

Yup...I'm sick.
Not pregnant.
I ate something the last night of camping that didn't agree with my stomach.
I've been asleep or on the couch since we got home.
At least I have Bachelor Pad recorded to keep me company!

Three girls leaving...that's easy.
Nikki, Ashley + Gwen ----no duh.

Dave has grown on me since his Bachelorette Days...
but the jury is still out on whether he is a favorite or not.

Tenley's highlights are gorgeous.
Blondie (Elizabeth) reminds me of Ali with all her sad faces. Yuck.

Oh...the couples thing is going to pay off.
But the producers had A LOT to do with this challenge to keep the couples going.
Everyone loves a good showmance.

Kiptyn walking back and forth reminds me of the crowning of Homecoming Queen at the high school football game.

Ya right...Kovacs isn't going to not pick Blondie.
Hmmm...Payton and Jesse B. teamed up will be fun.

Bu-Bye Nikki. Sorry I won't miss you.
Gwen looks great for being in her 40's!

I feel for Blondie. My memory is going too.
It's so obvious to me and scares me to death.
I apologize right here and now to my friends if I ask you repeateated questions
or seem to not remember personal info you have told me.
It's embarrassing to me and drives me crazy.

As gross as Jesse can be (but really is he being gross...or just being a guy)
I do think he is and will be the sweetest to Peyton when they are eliminated. He was sweet. Kiptyn will be sweet too. But who knows with the other two guys.

"A bad case of the Kovacs!" and I was just starting to really like you.
You cocky little thing. You're still cute though.

Natalie's dress is ridiculously short.
I don't think it can get any shorter.

Kovacs and Blondie, you sneaky scandalous couple.
And FYI Blondie, most men don't have sex because they are in love.
Most women do have sex because they are in love.
Blondie....you fool.
What happened to 'no kissing until you are the final one'?!
Kovacs is just rubbing his head thinking "headcase".
And she said "I love you" with no response? Ouch.
That's really going to do her in.

It always gets a little boring the less people you have in the house.
It's the same with Big Brother.
I'm bored with this episode.

Women Code!
Might just make this interesting.
Dave will blow his lid if Natalie goes the other way.
Just think though, Kovacs, if you do get sent home it's an easy out with Blondie.

First roses will go to Kiptyn and Tenley for sure.
I am also guessing that if Kovacs and Blondie get sent home,
that Blondie will try to go in Kovacs limo instead of her own!

Oh bummer.
Jesse B. and Peyton are going home.
Well at least Dave doesn't need to know about Natalie's vote.
Oh WOW. Natalie didn't vote against Dave.

Oh next week...Ballroom Dancing!
Can't wait.

Now I'm going to go try to eat something.
My tummy is growling, but I don't completely trust it quite yet.

Camping was a blast.
Pictures coming as soon as I feel better.

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  1. aw! hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Feel better soon! I'm w/you on those phony sad faces...give me a break!

  3. I just can't take them....E and Kovacs. They just seem like a trampy little couple. Blech! And I laughed at Katherine's "OUCH". LOL


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