Bachelor Pad - The Finale!

How cute Tenley.

Oh I forgot about the ballroom dancing.
Can't wait for the whole group back together.
That looks like it is going to be good.

Have the other two couples figured out that Dave and Nat
are officially 'a couple'?!

I wish Wackjob Michelle could have stayed in the house longer.
The previews for the whole gang together are driving me crazy.
Can't wait.

Oh Blondie....you just showed sick insecurity.
"If our trainer is a women....you still have to focus on me."
Having to beg for attention is never a good thing sweetie.

HAHAHAHAHA...Edyta...the sexiest thing in ballroom dancing!
Kovacs is going to be in trouble.
And the Rhumba!
Well at least you recognize your insecurity.
That just made me have a bit of compassion for you.
You poor thing.

Elizabeth is a HOT MESS.
over there all by herself practicing her moves
while Kovacs just keeps on dancing with Edyta!

Kiptyn's smile saved him on his dance.
They looked so cute dancing together on the dance floor.

Kovacs and Blondie were so bad....
I didn't even type anything.
I just had my hand over my mouth the whole time.
That was a mess.
Blondie forgot all the moves.
Darn nerves....
cuz that dance could have scored high with their chemistry.

Natalie looks like a horse on the dance floor.
Actually she looks like Kate plus 8.
They totally blew the ending...
and let it show.
Not worth winning.

No way a 9. Really?
I love that KipTEN won with a classy dance.
They are so dreamy and cute.

Are all of Natalie's skirts way too short?
Well it looks like her blue dress is longer than her skirts.
never mind...she just stood up...it's short.

KipTEN is the wrong couple to have to make this decision.
They are both too emotional.
And will throw away $250,000
if they don't bring Kovacs and Blondie with them.

Kovacs does seem to be more into Blondie these past few days.
More tender touching....more longing looks.
Awww...this is hard.
They might really be in love.
Blondie will be thrilled!
I've got to admit...I'm happy for her.
The poor girl needed him to be crazy about her.

Live Studio Audience.
All together.
Bring it on!

I love that they announced Jonathon as just the "Weatherman"!
Blondie isn't blond anymore.
She must have watched the show
and saw how orange it was.

You don't do casual relationships, Elizabeth...
but you slept with him on national TV?
Well that is a bummer, but not surprising.

Well isn't that Wes and Gia cute.

Kiptyn and Tenley are for real.
Why was Michelle so pissy?
Can't wait to hear her reasoning.

Jesse seems very jealous.
Did she have a bad case of the 'dave'?
Krisily...you have a bad case of the 'dave' too.
I'm finding myself liking Wes.

Really...that's it for the questions?
That was kinda lame.

Can someone please come up with a reality show for Michelle...
She is entertaining in all her craziness.

Juan...go back to where ever you came from.
You are 37 and on a dating show.
Just kidding!
Tenley is the epitome of sincerity and sweetness.
That's why she got to the finals.
Juan, you just wanted your 10 seconds on camera.

Wow...I didn't think Dave and Nat would get some of the votes that they did.
They did play a good game.
Tough competitors....
not just nice and sweet.

Well at least KipTEN found love.
That could very well last longer than $250,000.

What a crazy way to decide the money.
The Weatherman and Juan running to hug.

This makes it so much more interesting with Dave and Nat
as opposed to the two sweethearts...
They would have both picked share without thinking.

But Nat can be ruthless.
Kovacs is right.
Should it ruin a friendship?
It is a game.
Everyone came on for the money.
But with all shows...it always comes down to relationships.
Look at Survivor.
Look at Elizabeth roll her eyes at the Player.

Let's see the reveal.
I'm guessing they will pick Share.
It is the safe bet.

Nat....looks like she is going to be sick.
I thought she might be faking!
But her acting is great.
She might just get a new job from that act.

How fun.
Seriously....I have chills.
Over a stupid show.
What a great ending.
I do love those two.

How many girls has Wes sang that song to?
The End.

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  1. I'm kind of thinking a Gia and Wes reality show... hmmmm... I think they are adorable but it might get too cheesy. I'm thinking that Gia and her boyfriend broke up when the show aired... wish we would've gotten more details! Maybe I'll google it.


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