We Have a Teenager in the House!

And she is all OURS!

She came with.....

a great sense of style
a passion for reading
a beautiful singing voice
great confidence
silly personality
a little too much attitude
(but I hear that comes with the teenager)
mad 'you cam' skills
unmatched sisterly love
straight A's two years in a row
eye rolling and some back talk
a love for the beach
helping hands
a compassionate heart.

We are keeping her even though the eye rolling and back talk are included!
Happy 13th Birthday my sweet Kaia.

I have a special surprise planned for you this afternoon.
A mommy/daughter date of sorts.
You are going to love it!

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  1. She's beautiful! Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. Hope you ladies have a wonderful afternoon!

  2. Happy Birthday Kaia!!!!!

  3. Oh April - Kaia is beautiful! I hope she has a great birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday my sweet Kaia. Your birth was memorable to me too. And a teenager is so much fun to have in the house ~ and I mean that!

    Love you,
    Grandma Shari

  5. happy birthday! I wore my hair in a cute braid across my head today and I thought "i remind myself of Kaia today!" it was fun. I can't wait to heat about the surprise afternoon


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