Protecting + Progress.

Today my dad came to help Dave work on the studio that is still 'in progress'. He asked if there would be waffles for breakfast and I told him of course! We made and ate waffles and then headed over to a large garage sale in the court across the street from ours.

We were just finishing up talking to our neighbor, Gordy, when something happened that caught me off guard. I had just turned to start walking back and then heard Gordy tell my dad how sorry he was that Jason died. I instinctively whipped right back around and stood by my dad's side without thinking. As I sat there watching and listening to how my dad would react I found it surprising how protective of my parents I have become these last few weeks. Protective of their feelings. I know how it feels to lose a brother, but I have know idea how it feels to lose a child. I can't even imagine the pain.

Dad handled himself just fine. But it felt good to be by his side just in case. My parents are on the mend. Every day becoming a bit easier. As it is for all of us. Still sometimes emotional....but time does help heal.

While my dad and Dave were working in the backyard another neighbor came over and asked to see my dad because she hadn't seen him to offer her condolences yet. There I went skipping out in front of her to get to my dad's side before the question was asked. Without thinking again. And once again, he handled it well.

Jason used to come with my dad every time he came to help with the studio. I missed him lounging in my backyard today while work was being done -- with his blue blocker sunglasses on!

Here is a picture of the progress. Take a look at the scalloped shingles!

P.S. While I was removing the extension ladder from the front of the studio I almost stuck it right through the window. It was close. Really close. Let's just keep that between me and you though. Dave doesn't need to know!

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  1. it is looking amazing! what a fun project

  2. I am SOOO excited for you! I love seeing the updates! Have a color scheme or decor ideas already? I'm sure you will make it look ultra fab! :)

  3. Your studio sounds really exciting...can't wait to see the finished project!

  4. What a beautiful space you will have! And what an amazing daughter you must be to your parents :)


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