Jason's Life Story - Part Three - The End.

{you can find part one + part two below}

We had a lot of both tender and funny moments with Jason the last few months. His sense of humor was essential in his “enduring it well” and it was essential for us - to keep us laughing. But some tender moments included, each night when my mom would wheel Jason down to his room, he would point to Aunt Lorraine’s room. They would always kiss and hug goodnight and he would pat her back. When his kids would come to spend time with him, you could almost always find Dallin in whatever chair Jason was in cuddling with him. Ethan was always cute running in and giving his dad a kiss and at Haley’s last dance recital Jason was excited to be there to give Haley a bouquet of flowers.

Jason started calling my mom “blessed” a few months ago which held very special meaning to her. Another sweet moment when he was still talking was after mom and dad would put him to bed. They would turn on the monitor in his room and in their room and when he figured out they were in bed he would talk to them through the monitor telling them how thankful he was for all that they did for him and that he loved them. He also would sometimes say funny things through the monitor too because he knew laughter was the best medicine.

Jason called me one day and completely caught me off guard. He hadn’t been eating well or talking well. When I answered the phone he asked when I was coming over. He said he was ready for me to come hang out for the day. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was eating two eggs on toast. Wow I said…and he responded that they were fabulous. One of his new favorite words. He also told me that day that he was content and happy. It made me cry. Such lessons to be learned from him. He was an amazing example to all of us and very inspiring to all who knew him and knew of him.

Jason loved the Gospel. He loved his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and had a strong testimony that they lived and are real. He loved attending church each Sunday and he loved serving in the church but joked after being in the Bishopric that when he changed wards he was going to wear a polo shirt to church so no one gave him a ‘big’ calling again.

His love and gratitude for the blessings in his life were always evident when he offered a prayer. We had the opportunity to hear one of his last prayers a couple of months ago. It was tender, humble and full of gratitude. After he was finished I told him that I even learn from him when he is praying. He said a prayer is just what is in your heart. He had a good heart.

Jason’s faith and belief in a loving Heavenly Father was strong. He relied on heavenly Father for comfort, peace and went to him in prayer when he needed those things. We talked one day to Jason about writing letters to his children so that when they were missing him they could read the letters. Jason shook his head and said "no." He said that he didn’t want his children to go to a letter for peace and comfort; he wants them to remember to get on their knees in prayer to their heavenly father to receive that peace and comfort. Through prayer they will find peace, comfort and be following in their father’s footsteps and example.

While Jason will be remembered as a very funny guy, he was also a very serious guy. He was very serious about the things that mattered most to him - Family and his religious beliefs. He was very dedicated and committed to those two loves of his life. He had a great love for his family and he had a love for learning and a deeper understanding of the scriptures and of the Temple than most people his age. He was committed to serving Jesus Christ, serving others and proclaiming his love for the Gospel. Whenever he talked about his religious beliefs he looked and sounded wiser beyond his years. Heavenly Father knew that he didn’t have a lifetime to mature and gain wisdom in those areas, so he blessed him young with a strong desire and understanding knowing those would serve him well, when Jason returned to heaven to do his work there. In reading Jason’s journals it was evident that I was reading the writings of a man wiser beyond his years. His testimony of a living Heavenly Father and a loving and merciful Jesus Christ were real. He understood and practiced the Atonement in his life by forgiving easily and not passing judgment on others.

There is no doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father was preparing him for greater things, a greater work. He passed this earthly test with flying colors and a sense of humor. It is up to us now to learn from his example. To continue his legacy within our families. To rededicate ourselves to living more Christ like, serving others, studying the scriptures more deeply, visiting and attending the Temple more often, honoring the Priesthood, laughing more often and live in a way that would allow the Holy Ghost to be present regularly in our lives.

A village was taking care of Jason in the end. A village supporting him, helping him to live until he could live no more. All of our time helping was about helping him find joy, trying to keep him laughing and living for his children, for his wife and for his family. Feeling the pure love of Christ as we served someone so amazing. Jason was not going to just lie down and die. He was not afraid to die. He believed strongly in the Plan of Salvation. But to leave this earth before his body was ready, to willingly give up his spirit, that wasn’t Jason’s nature, no matter how many times we gave him permission. He was here for the long haul, dedicated and committed to this earthy life and I am grateful for the beautiful journey that we were so fortunate to be able to be a part of. He will be deeply missed, but we will see him again one day.

A quote that reminds me of Jason reads, “In all living, have much fun and laughter, life is to be enjoyed not just endured.” Jason enjoyed much fun and laughter, he endured it well and he returned with honor. The End.

It was my honor to call him 'my brother'. And, while this may be the end of his Life Story, he has inspired us, he has taught us, and he will live forever in our hearts.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this. It was nice to read about your brother.

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! The whole thing! Thank You for sharing!!

  3. thank you....just beautiful....

  4. Beautifully written. The whole story was written with love and tenderness and in a way that truly honored a great man. Although I never knew him {or you either to be exact :)} I have a perfect picture of the bother you loved. What a testament to his life!

    Thank you for sharing him...

  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your wonderful sweet brother's remarkable life. He left a great legacy of love and respect and what a blessing that you had such a close relationship all your life. I hope you are feeling peace admist your loss.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers xox
    PS: I love the quote you end with-it is at the top of my blog-it's by Gordon B. Hinckley-such a great example of living like that too.<3

  6. Thanks for sharing his story April.

  7. i really enjoyed reading jason's life story. you are such an excellent writer!

    your brother seemed like a wonderful person-- i would have loved to have met him. he was so full of life, which i think is an inspiration to all of us.

    i am so sorry that he has passed on, and i do believe that God has great things in store for him.


  8. 2 of my husband's siblings all got letters from their father before his life ended- however- Rich and one brother did not. I know to this day they feel left out. What amazing words you have written and which I will share with Rich. I know it will bring peace and comfort to his soul. We love you April!

  9. ok, I am balling. I feel like I knew Jason so well. I loved reading that. I just wish you were here for me to hug right now. What a wonderful man he was and such an example to many! I love you!

  10. I have really enjoyed reading about your brother's life. I can honestly say that he was an angel among you. I hope that the next few weeks go smoothly and without sorrow, only hope and laughter, because I think that is how your brother would have wanted it!

  11. His energy and your love for him has been very clear through all the stories you've shared about him, before and after his passing. You've done a remarkable job letting us in on your lives together.

  12. April... once again you share so profoundly with such a grace and dignity, and of course a shining heart. Thank you for sharing your brother here!

    Praying for all of you <3


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