Feast Your Eyes Friday

Feast your eyes Friday on this cute little shop M O M.

While on our vacation we were in Encinitas and drove past a little street and I spotted this shop out of the corner of my eye. I asked Dave to flip a u-ey and he happily obliged. Bethany, the store owner, was sweet and cool and her store/workshop is just cute as can be. Her whole purpose of the shop MOM is to make cute children's clothing and then make something else with the left over scraps. Reusing BABY - at it's best! Lucky for all of us who don't live near Encinitas, CA, she has an etsy shop and a blog. Happy Friday!
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  1. April-
    thanks for this little shout-out! it was so nice meeting you this summer. you're always welcome at m.o.m -bring the whole gang next time!

  2. What a fabulous shop! Off to check out her blog too. Have a great weekend!

  3. It just looks FUN. :) Like a kindergarten classroom. I wanna visit.


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