Fabulous Time!

Just thought you would like to know that we are having a fabulous time on our second part of our vacation. (Did you know we headed back down to San Clemente on a last minute whim? To finish our vacation.) We are new fans of Santa Monica and the Pier. We spent over two hours at the Los Angeles LDS Temple Visitor's Center talking about all things heavenly and of eternal nature. Family being the predominant topic! Such a sweet feeling.

We are heading to our favorite beaches today to surf with the great white sharks. Uugh. Yes, a great white shark was spotted next to a surfer at Dave's favorite surfing beach two days ago. It was all caught on an underwater video. We have all seen the video. It has been all over the news. He doesn't seem shaken or scared. I won't be getting in the water. But my kids probably will. At least a Doheny where there are always a ton of kids surfing with surf instructors.

Lots of pictures coming Monday and throughout the week from part one and part two of our vacation! School starts on Wednesday. What will I do with my time?! I'm thinking Anthropologie on Thursday or Friday!

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  1. I think FABULOUS is our new family word. Glad you're having a good time. Zoe is too!

    Love, Mom

  2. I'm so glad you are taking some more fabulous vacation time...you need and deserve it...and sharks? really? you all are much braver than I would be....

  3. I am glad to hear you got to continue your trip. Thank you so much for my earrings! I was surprised to see them so soon, you didn't have to do that. I think Anthropologie is a great idea...you deserve it. Hugs from Texas!

  4. DAMMMMIIIITTTT! On Friday :(

  5. A shark??? Eeek.

    I'm happy to hear that you returned to your vacation. Sometimes being at home can be harder than escaping for a few more days.


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