A Day at the Beach - From First Half of our Vacation.

Pictures from our day at the beach.
The day my brother died.
I don't really like that word.
I would prefer passed away or passed on.
But Dave doesn't like those words. Neither do I really.
It's awkward.

Anyway, our day at the beach was fun.
The waves were crazy strong and while out there
jumping, well mostly ducking, the waves,
once under water avoiding the wave,
it was like we were on the spin cycle in a washing machine,
ping ponging off one another from the crazy force of the wave.
For some reason, we stayed out there for more waves.

The kids played it safe most of the time
trying to use their boogie boards as skim boards.
It was way too rough to boogie board.

Here are a few pictures.

And here is a funny outtake from our sunset family picture.
Dave and I leaned in to kiss, without prompting.
Something funny happened.
Dave and I were laughing and when we laugh together
it usually ends with a little kiss.
Just a reminder that we love each other and love laughing together.
Our friend, Natalie, caught the kids reaction to our kiss on camera.
So funny. Enjoy.

And, this is my favorite picture from our first half of our vacation.
My hunk-a-hunk-of-burning-love.
Isn't he cute?
I think so.
Happy Friday!

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