Back to School.

The kids did great this morning. Kaia was brave and wore her headband that she wanted to wear. We found it on vacation and I think it looks darling on her. (Actually way cuter in person...the picture doesn't do it justice.) I promised her that in a few days she will probably see other girls wearing them too!

Blake didn't cry. Woohoo! That will probably come next week but keeping fingers crossed that he does just fine. He really wants a fish. I told him a whole month of going to school without whining or crying and a fish it will be. I hate fishes. The whole bowl is gross and then when they die, I just can't flush them down the toilet. It gives me the hibbie gibbies. So instead, I put a napkin over the bowl and wait for daddy to come home to do the deed. But I am wishing for a great year for Blake so hopefully a fish it will be.

I went to breakfast with a girlfriend this morning after dropping kids off at school. It's always perfect with her. Just enough talk about EVERYTHING! Shopping, vacation, family, kids, life, death, church, food. A few shared tears here and there and laughter too. Just what I needed.

Next, looking forward to picking up the kids, getting a treat and hearing all about their day. Hopefully there is no homework today. I hate homework too. Almost as much as I hate fishes.

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  1. Tell Kaia I love her whole outfit, from head to toe, including necklace and headband.

    I hate homework too!

  2. I hate homework too, love her headband and am still struggling at the ripe old age of 37 with wearing the things we "love" for fear of what others will think! Love a girl who is willing to pull out the stops, tell her that I think she looks ADORABLE...if that is acceptable at her age!

  3. fishes....ick! 'nuff said!

  4. I really hope we don't have a ton of homework this year either...I can not stand it. Shelby dislikes it more then I do though which makes life harder. I hope Blake's day goes well!

  5. I just always think that being in a bowl compared to, say, an entire stream or river, is just cruel. I never understood the draw of fish myself. :) The headband looks FAB. Can't wait to hear how it's a trend at school.

  6. I think Kaia looks precious! Love the headband! And so happy for Blake! What a great way to start the year...hoping he gets a fishy :)


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