Bachelor Pad - Recap.

I'm baaaack.
For Bachelor Pad re-caps.

First off, some general thoughts.
I don't like Elizabeth blond. The color is horrible on her.
Wes.....not sure if we can trust him.
Nikki drives me absolutely crazy but so glad she kept Kiptyn.
Hello, Jesse Beck.
Did Wes REALLY sing his song again?
And did Gia not watch his season?
I loved Natalie and Jesse B. together.
But hate her pink tutu dress from last week.
Kovacs is really cute.
What is he doing with Elizabeth?

Now, onto tonights show.

Ohhh...a kissing competition.
Melissa asks Elizabeth "are you excited to kiss anyone in particular?"
She says all of them...then adds 'except the Weatherman.'
Hahaha. I'd have to agree!

Some of those kisses are passionate.
I might have to try the blindfold thing.
But only with my husband of course!

Natalie...you tramp!

Jonathon is up.
She washed out her mouth and spit!
Weatherman...you are not winning.

Yay for sweet and dry Peyton.
Just goes to show you - guys don't always like sloppy and trampy.

"Going to Vegas with Nikki...is like going to Vegas with your grandma!"
Since Cape Cod isn't here for best quote of the night....
Natalie gets it!

Peyton is a real cutie.
I'm excited for her dates.
I really like the three guys she picked.
Hello, Jesse B.
(oh...did I say that already?!)

That Vegas villa is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

When did Jesse B. and Natalie really call it quits?
I remember them saying they needed to cool down
but didn't know Natalie was available.

David's finding love with Natalie.
But don't I remember Natalie making the same comment
about Jesse B just a few weeks ago.
Yup...this is definitely Bachelor/Bachelorette material.

Oh...poor Tenley.
I think you caught Kiptyn off guard.
I know my Dave's not quick on his feet when he first wakes up.

Wohooo...1/4 mile drag.
My dad did drag racing.
It was my dream to be behind the wheel of his race car
when I turned 16.
Continuing my dad's reputation of being the quickest person off the line.
He sold the race car when I turned 15.
Boy was I disappointed.

Elizabeth looked way better as a brunette.
Just saying.
Although I've gone pretty blond and wonder if people think the same thing about me.
I have grays people. Just trying to cover them.

Oh yeah baby. Jesse B gets the rose.
What no fantasy suite...back to the house?
yes....the card.
They are too cute.

Kovacs seems really irritated with blondie.
Kovacs.....she is a head case. C'mon.

Gia, you are playing with fire hanging out with Wes.
Oh no...please put the guitar away.
I'm gagging. Really almost puking.
Gia...you have a boyfriend at home. Remember.

Wes, the whole honesty and sincerity....
sorry bud, you kind of ruined that reputation on the Bachelorette.

Elimination day is boring.
Let's just get down to business.
But the evening got busy.

I've got to say I'm rooting for the couples!
Good-bye Weatherman.
Go take some ex-lax and loosen up.

Gia, I hope you still have a boyfriend when you get home.
You were flirting and playing with fire with Wes.

I'm sorry Wes....so if you don't win $250,000....
you won't fly out to New York to go get Gia.

And I think what Gia is trying to say...
is that she is willing to leave her boyfriend for Wes.
Poor girl.

The Weatherman just redeemed himself
with his song! Too funny.

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  1. EVERY TIME elizabeth comes on the screen i think to myself 'her hair is orange. why did she ever get rid of the dark brown' - so with ya girl, so with ya.

  2. AND i just checked out your favorite shop- LOVE it and favorited it asap.

  3. I totally agree with you about The Pad. And I can't BELIEVE that I am watching it. My husband is beyond appalled. He won't let me tell anyone I watch it. And Elizabeth looks terrible as a blonde. But also a little bit like Farrah Fawcett in her heyday.

  4. Gia is a hideous mental mess.


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