The Twins are Coming! The Twins are Coming!

{us at a pool party holding the girls...sorry it's a picture of a picture}

Anya + Anika are coming to stay the night at our house tonight and we are so excited. They are three and half years old now and while they might not really remember us, they will always be a part of our family. To read a bit of our story with them.....click here. Oh how we wanted to adopt them and make them ours. Although they are 'ours' in our heart. They now live in southern California and are here just for the weekend and we get to take them to church with us tomorrow. They spent many Sundays as babies in our arms at church on Sundays. Oh....we are just bursting at the seams for our sleepover tonight! I haven't shared a lot about them here, it is too painful, but the thought of them in our home tonight.....well let's just say "they complete me."

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  1. Have fun, Happy 4th! Can't wait to read all about it!

  2. I just saw a picture of them now on ashley's blog! wow. they have gotten sooo big! I love it


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