Today + Yesterday.


....my little girl became a little woman.
No wonder she has had a 'tummy ache' all day yesterday and through the night last night.

If you know us personally,
please act like you don't know.

But she did give me permission to blog about it.
It is a' Rite of Passage' for a pre-teen.
If it weren't for cramps and it being our first day of our San Clemente vacation it would have been magical for her, I think.
I'm having sympathy cramps with her now.

My mom had always dreamed of taking me to brunch when I became a woman.
Because it is a special time in a girl's life.
The only problem is....we waited and waited and waited.
And, then my little sister who was three years younger than me, started before me.
There went brunch.
My mom just couldn't do that to me.
Take my sister without me.
I remember I was so mad.
She had bigger boobs than me too.
I didn't start until my first day of 10th grade.
10th grade people.
I didn't realize then, just how lucky I really was!

But back to Kaia.
Dave kept giving Kaia hugs today.
He said it was kind of a big day for him too.
His little girl was growing up.
Instead of our planned taco dinner outside of Pedros Tacos tonight,
we surprised her with a special dinner
that included chocolate fondue dessert at one of our favorite restaurants.

It's been a special day.
And, she has been a trooper.



4 Kennedys and a Dog met up with Lyndsay and the Johnsons!

My family got to meet and have dinner with my 'online' friend and blog designer,
Lyndsay from Lyndsay and the Johnsons.
And, we got to hang out with all the Johnsons!

We started our annual vacation yesterday in San Clemente by driving 8 hours.
Our kids were 'for sale' at one point during the drive.
And, at another point they were free.
At least that is how I felt when I tweeted!

Anyway, we thought that a little break in Burbank would be good to stretch our legs
and I still had Lyndsay's winnings from Dave's blog giveaway.
We thought it would be fun to hand-deliver them
and I am so glad we did.

It was a wonderful couple of hours and hopefully will become part of our annual trip each year!

And please don't judge me from the picture above.
Lyndsay is a little peanut and I had been in the car all day.
She was cute as can be and I don't even think I had mascara on!

Oh well, it was so fun and so worth the stop.
Our families got along beautifully.


So we are here in San Clemente for awhile.
Dave's brother is holding down the fort at our house.
I always feel more comfortable with someone house sitting
rather than leave it empty.
That way if a water pipe breaks,
we don't come home to flooded hardwood floors.

So while I am on vacation I have decided that I will post.....
'A Picture a Day, While We are Away!'

Here is our view from the bungalow we rented.
Don't be fooled by the cute word 'bungalow'.
Our bedding slides off the bed all night and the beds roll around while we are sleeping.
We are fixing that tomorrow.
But the view is worth it!

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  1. Welcome to womanhood, Kaia!


    Enjoy your So Cal vacation!!

  2. I know I have a few years before Shelby and I deal with this, but it is still something that is in the back of my mind...planning, making it special.

    I hope you have a great vacation!

  3. Welcome to womanhood Kaia!! What a great way to celebrate for her April!

    Enjoy San Clemente! You're SO close to my work!! You probably drive past my house on yoru way home! :)

    Happy Vacation!

  4. Wow oh wow. What a start to vacation for Kaia! :) I never gave "it" much thought when I was a pre-teen and teen. It wasn't viewed as special as your family sees it, however I do hope to instill those feelings with my family and daughter. :) We just didn't "talk" like that growing up. Besides, I had the family "delayed growth" gene. You say 10th grade? I saw the next to last month of my senior year of high school. I was 18 1/2. But I was thankful it took so long to come.

    People have been meeting blog friends all around this summer, it seems. One day, I might break out of my shell and go meet someone. Ha!

    Enjoy your vacation and just remember to ID and fingerprint whomever takes you up on the offer of your kids. You don't want to sell them to just ANYbody.

  5. It was so fun to meet all of the Kennedys!! And you are tall and gorgeous. And I reapplied mascara just before you got there, so don't sweat it. :)

    Congrats to Kaia! I just remember starting my period for the first time, and being sent off with my Dad to buy "supplies" so that we could bond. Uhhhh, not the best idea. I made a quick note that buying "supplies" is a mom-daughter thing. Taking your daughter to dinner is a great dad thing to do. Ha!

  6. WHAT???? You are here you didn't tell me :( How long are you here for? Could we do lunch on Sunday at Sonny's? We could come down there. Let me know. xoxo

  7. Congratulations Kaia! (kind of! As I sit here with raging cramps!). But I am soooo not surprised you had issues with the kids in the car during an eight hour drive - hormones! :-). Enjoy your vacation!!!

  8. I always complained how I never got to do anything on my own. My sister was always tagging along. It really drove me nuts. The final nail in the coffin for me was when I finally became a woman. I was halfway through my sophomore year and low and behold when I got home from school my mom, very hesitantly, told me that my sister had started too. Grrr. I couldn't even become a woman on my own day. HeHeHe.

  9. Awwww...sweet Kaia, welcome to womanhood! Now you may understand women a little better :) At least the crazy mood part!


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