Honey Pie Designs Love + Home Pillows found here.
Linen Ruffle Tote found here.
Molly....Forever Flower Garland found here.
Love You Forever Print found here.

I guess I've had a little time to start browsing Etsy again.
And, look what I found!
Oh how I heart Etsy.

Speaking of Etsy, I have been uploading my own pretties into my shop and will have a special little offer on Friday for all my blog followers....that means you, my dears!

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  1. LOVE the Forever Flower Garland. Thanks April :)

  2. I really need to get into this Etsy shopping thing, I think. I've never really been except to specific sites that I've been directed to. Never browsed. Hmmm....I might do a feature of a few blogs I follow who also have Etsy shops. :) You included.

  3. Tooje-Etsy has some AMAZING things!! April I love that linen tote, so cute and the yellow print is something I can totally see in your home! BTW-we are making our coloma reservations tomorrow, YEA! super excited we will be going this year for the first time.


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