Our anniversary usually falls somewhere during our vacation.
We plan it that way.
It started at year 12.
For our anniversay we rented a VW bus and camped at San O'nofre.
For five days.
The whole time saying we need to bring the kids back here.
So we have.

This year we celebrated year 16!

At the end of evening we found this great little ice-creamery.


{Please click on the link,
with your volume on,
so you can get the feel of the place.}

We bought all sorts of candy.
And, we our planning on going back soon for ice-cream.
Maybe even twice while we are still down south.
It is located just 10 minutes up the highway from where we are staying.
It was too late last night when we found it after dinner at P.F. Chang's.

Funny story at P.F. Chang's.
Kaia wasn't very hungry.
She decided she would order the wonton soup.
Forgetting that we were at a Chinese restaurant,
you should have seen all our faces
when the very large bowl of soup arrived at the table and we pointed to Kaia.
We all laughed!

And then when we were driving home,
Blake begged for his daddy to sleep in his bed with him.
I spoke up and said..."uuuhhh no. It's our anniversary."
And Kaia said, "gross."

And sadly enough I don't even think we kissed goodnight.
Although we shared lots of extra kisses throughout the day.
Here and there.
We held hands more often too.
But see, here in this bungalow,
we are sleeping in a king sized bed.
That is actually two twin beds put together.
We have never slept better.
In fact, we have all decided that the Amtrak train,
that is so loud,
has stopped passing through here at 2:30am
blowing his horn super loud.

But back to the bed.
We have decided that since they are different mattress,
connected with king sized sheets,
that we don't even feel each other roll over.
And we are both sleeping sound.
And Dave hasn't been snoring at all.
And while we haven't even played footsies in bed,
and I kind of miss that,
we just might be on to something.

We had never planned on having a king sized bed at home,
but we might be re-thinking the whole two twins put together.
We will see how much I miss him at night vs. how good of a sleep we are getting.
At least they are connected with sheets and a mattress pad
and we could go over and visit each other if we wanted too.
It's not like we are in seperate beds....or seperate rooms.

But now I understand the reasoning of some of our great-grandparents!

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  1. Are you a day off, or am I just confused? This sounds like it's the end of the 31st, but it's the morning of the 31st right now??

    I actually was getting on to your blog to wish you a Happy Anniversary!! Love you both.


  2. When we have a bedroom big enough to fit a king size bed, I'm totally doing this as well. Or buying one of those fancy mattresses that is essentially the same thing as two separate twins made into one bed. TOTALLY. I hope it means my hubs won't snore either! :) Maybe we could make a crack in between the beds for the little people who keep sneaking in so darn early. We'll just stow them away in between us, about a half foot lower. Nice and SNUG. LOL

    Happy anniversary!!!

    I'm with Kaia though. Gross. ;)

  3. Farrells?!? I love that place. Did you order a "Zoo"? It's a big bowl with all kinds of ice cream and toppings and watch out for the plastic zoo animals! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Congrats to you both!! There used to be a Farrell's in Davis, I remember it from my childhood.

  5. Happy Anniversary! And go for the king size bed, life changing... Simmons Beautyrest, individual coils, you don't feel the other person rolling around...


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