Pictures from Blake's Baptism Day!

What a special day yesterday was for our family.
Especially for Blake.

We have spent quite a bit of time talking about baptism lately.

Being a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints myself, when I was 13,
I wanted my children to experience hearing the same lessons from the missionaries that I heard so many years ago that caused the swelling in my heart that made me want to be baptized.

We had the sister missionaries serving in our ward over to our home a couple of times this past week. They challenged Blake to pray to Heavenly Father to seek confirmation from the Holy Ghost about the things that he had learned and to receive confirmation that he should be baptized.

I was eager to pray with him that evening. So excited for him to feel the Holy Ghost but nervous he might not recognize it. So, I prayed myself that I would feel the Holy Ghost the exact same way that Blake would feel it so that I could help explain the feeling.

As soon as he started to pray, my soul swelled, felt a little tight and was warm and I knew he was feeling the exact same thing. I asked him how he felt and he smiled sweetly but wasn't sure what to say.

I asked him if he felt a swelling, mixed with a tightness and a warm feeling and he smiled and said yes. I told him that was the Holy Ghost confirming and answering his sweet prayer.

He was so excited to be baptized. I was so grateful my prayer was heard also.

Here are the pictures from his special day.

Getting ready to be baptized.

Root Beer Floats in the courtyard.

Celebrating with family + friends.

I saved my two most favorite pictures for last......
most boys go barefoot or wear white socks....
but these are my surfer boys!


all wet and clean and newly baptized!

Blake said he got two baths yesterday.
The first, in the shower with his daddy, washed his outsides.
The second one....washed his insides!post signature


  1. I've never had anyone explain how they feel when praying, or any sort of feeling about religion at all, actually. I love how you described it. Blake looks so....peaceful, his smile does. Congrats again!

  2. So so so sweet!!!! Congratulations to you and yours. A big congratulations to Blake!

  3. Congrats to Blake! Looks like it was a wonderful day.


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