Kaia's Got a Brand New Bed!

{Kaia and friend M}

Kaia's got a brand new bed.
As soon as it was put together and dressed
I found Kaia and her friend M laying across it
reading teeny-bopper magazines.

We have been working on her room for some time now.
I love how 'Anthropologie-ish' her bed looks.
Would you guess IKEA and Target?!

Can't wait to show off the final room when it is done.
I still have some fabric to buy, a frame that needs a mirror,
and an area rug.

I keep trying to figure out my house style.
I think I might be Vintage Farmhouse Modern.
Do those three even go together?!
I think they do for me!

In other news,
first day of craft camp went great!
What started off as a quiet, shy group - both in the morning and afternoon -
quickly became groups of giggly, chatty girls.

I loved every minute of it
I think the girls loved it too!

Happy Monday!

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  1. so....show us what you all made today at craft camp!

  2. I think kids love getting a room make-over. :) I need to figure out what to do for the boys...especially the oldest one. He needs something special done. Maybe you can move in and help out! Ha!

  3. I want her room, I love the color combo!! great job!


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