It Was Revealed to Me in a Dream Last Night.....

It was revealed to me in a dream last night....as I was naked while teaching my Gospel Doctrine class, couldn't find my lesson material, left my scriptures at home, and then when I did have clothes on at one point, I was wearing one of Kaia's dresses that was way too small and inappropriate, that I am wildly insecure in teaching that class. I haven't had a dream like that since high school!

I thought you could use the laugh!

Be sure to scroll down and see the little announcement I already posted today about 'some pretties'!



  1. Yes, dreaming you are naked means you feel very vulnerable about a situation. I HATE those dreams because they usually slap me in the face with what I'm feeling. On the other had, Heavenly Father is in charge. I hope you remember to beg him for his help ... and you will be fine.

    Love, Mom

  2. If it doesn't cause a little bit of frightened nerves, it may not be as good as it seems. :) Teaching naked, however, might give everyone a completely new perspective.


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