I'm Blushing....

I'm blushing for two reasons.......

1. I've found a new perfume that I love. My husband loves it too. I keep getting impromptu kisses and little 'you smell so good' sweet nothings in my ear. I found it at Sephora and it was totally afordable! It is a sweet combination of citrus and floral and is described as tantalizing, teasing and tempting. It was listed under the flirty section at Sephora and I consider myself a little bit of a social flirt so I went with it and couldn't be happier. It's been awhile since I have had a scent.


2. My sweet bloggy friend Tooje from Circling the Square Table did a little 'feature' post and I'm one of the blogs/etsy shops that she featured. Tooje, herself, has a great little blog going. I really love her Monday Mumbles, her honesty, her cute little family, and her guts to sometimes tackle some tough topics on her blog. Please stop by and say 'hi' to her today!

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  1. Hmm, I have all these perfumes in my drawer, but I never ever wear any scented stuff other than my shampoo and Jergens cream :p

    I've always wanted a nice, light signature scent though and its always tough to find one that doesn't bug my nose. The packaging for this looks really cute and flirty!

  2. Unlike DR, I don't have any perfumes. Well, I have a body mist that is three years old. I use that occasionally, but generally I go around smelling like baby lotion, just from sheer overuse. I still use baby lotion on my six and two year olds. :)

    I've wanted to go into Sephora for awhile now, and might just make a special trip now, to do so. Thanks for the tip. And thanks for the mention, although I didn't feature you for kickbacks. :) I just love you guys!


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