FVK's Craft Camp for Girls!

Here are the details!

A new craft every day.
Space is limited!

If you live in the Napa Valley area and are interested in sending your daughter to Funky Vintage Kitchen's Craft Camp for girls, please email me at davenapril@aol.com to register your daughter.

Please include daughter's name, age, home/cell phone number, and if she has a friend that will be attending as a camper also.

The only item your daughter will need to bring to camp is a new {washed and dried} plain white t-shirt!

Can't wait for Craft Camp Week!

P.S. If you are local, would you please help spread the word on Facebook,Twitter, your blog, texting, word of mouth, etc! Thank you!
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  1. I want a daughter and I want to send her to your cool craft camp!

  2. If my daughter was old enough and we lived there, I'd be all over this. Sounds like so much fun! You'll have to share pictures once it's over.

  3. I have a daughter but we are in NH, she would SO love your cool craft camp (and I would too!)

  4. I am suddenly wishing that I was that young again!

  5. What a fantastic idea! Hope you post pics of it afterward? When is the craft camp for 2 year olds? I would send mine in a heart beat...

  6. I wish payten were old enough she would LOVE it! have fun

  7. How cool that you're doing a camp! Is this the first year? Obviously we don't live in the area, but I'd sign myself up and pretend to be 14. :)

    ps - Don't you make oversized rings as well as earrings and bobby pins? Maybe it was awhile ago when you displayed some and you don't make them anymore? You can tell me if I'm crazy. I plan on purchasing some bobby pins before I head back to work, too. I wear pins a lot and I think it's time they look cute.

  8. I've been searching the internet for anyone who's done this, and you're the first (and only) I've found! I've been wanting to do a craft camp to help with the income (as well as have something fun to do)! Can you tell me how you advertised? Did you only post this on your blog or did you do some other form of advertising too? (I live in Texas, so I promise I won't steal your clients!!) Thanks!!!


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