Fun with the Girls....Fun Fourth!

Oh the fun we had with Anika + Anya.
Lots of belly laughs.
Sleepover in Kaia's bed.
Dog pile on Dave.

Kaia cried herself to sleep last night because she already missed them.
She wants a little brother or sister so bad.
Blake, on the other hand, wants to stay the baby.
Can you blame him?!

I'm on the fence again.
I don't know if it is just my way of protecting myself,
my feelings,
in case we don't get pregnant again.
But then I can picture myself so easy with a baby in my arms too.
Oh....it is too big a decision for me to make,
that is why we are leaving it up to God.
The way it should be.


We had a wonderfully quiet and happy 4th of July.
The girls left around 2:00 pm and we BBQ'd steaks, corn on the cob and french bread.
Dave really enjoys BBQing and we love eating everything he puts on the BBQ.
We also made one of our favorite summer staples......

Tomato, Cucumber + Red Onion Salad

Drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with salt + pepper.


After dinner we played a family game of Uno Attack and then headed up to my dad's shop to watch fireworks with a bunch of family and friends.

Sutter Home Winery, in St. Helena, puts on the most amazing fireworks show every year.
We all sit in awe during and after and try to comprehend just how many fireworks were purchased to make it feel like one great big grand finale throughout the whole show.


Blake's birthday party was a huge success.
Even though it was somewhat of last minute planning on my part,
the carnival theme was a huge hit.
I took 176 pictures!
Some of those pictures to come on Wednesday.

After my Bachelorette review on Tuesday.


Dave is off today. He and my dad are working on the studio.
With help from the kids. They are up on the roof again.
Blake earned $5 from his grandpa for picking up nails.


We are heading to the pool later.
Canon balls from daddy are sure to be a big hit!
We might be riding our bikes there.
I said OUR...that means I might be picking up a new bike for me...
from our garage sale money last week.

Good Times.

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  1. looks like you had a great time!

    can't wait to see pictures of blake's birthday!

  2. What a fun weekend. :) Carnival party? You are so ambitious and creative. I search out the locations that put on themes FOR you. Lazy me. Corn on the cob is just the best this time of year, huh?


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