Craft Camp - Day Two.

Craft Camp - Day Two.
Watercolor painting.

{mine - flowers from yard, Blake's whale, Kaia's flower wallpaper}

Now I have never claimed to be an artist.
In fact, drawing is one of my biggest weaknesses.
But...I know that watercolor makes even the simplest drawing pretty.

We started craft camp talking about the color wheel and complimenting colors.
Then we took a short nature walk to observe all the different types of flowers,
trees, shrubbery, textures and colors found in nature.

We came back to scratch paper and let loose with silly drawings,
then started to sketch our real drawing for our cold press paper.
We used hard lead pencils and then talked about using more water
than paint to paint our pictures.

The girls impressed me to no end and did such a great job with their watercolors.
Blake's whale was amazing.

I'm so sad I forgot to take pictures of the first group of the younger girls...
but here are the pictures from the afternoon class!

I bought these cute double-sided white pedestal frames from Ikea.

The frame allowed for two pictures...front and back.
I knew exactly what I would use the back side for.
Silhouette watercolors!

Before we left for our nature walk I took a picture of each girls' profile.
I printed the pictures and I cut out each silhouette while the girls were doing their silly drawings.

The girls used a light watercolor to paint the background of their paper
and then traced their silhouette onto the paper with their hard lead pencil.
After that, they carefully filled in the silhouette with black watercolor paints.

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  1. Hey April it's Jordan. Kailey decided to do Jo's buggin' ME! Because she hates when i say buggin'. haha see you at camp tomorrow.

  2. Love this! I absolutely love the spin on the silhouettes, I am going to have to do this craft with Caroline!

  3. I really wish I could be at your craft camp! Do you allow nearly 30 year olds? The water colors are so awesome. Blake's whale is AMAZING! I have some water colors that I have never used... now, I think I need to try them out!

  4. Hey April...I love these craft ideas! Very cool frames. You really are talented. :-)

  5. Blake's whale is great! I am writing a story and it has an orca whale scene in it. I was just working on it when I saw his painting. Love the frames!!


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