Craft Camp - Day Three.

Craft Camp - Day Three.
Ruffled Posies Paper Notebooks.

I used my Folk + Flora CD's to print this darling paper.
Purchased from Repro Depot.

I initially got the idea + instructions for the basic sewn notebook
from here. Thanks, Kellie for a great little tutorial.
I don't have the patience for very detailed tutorials.
Probably because I barely take the time to read any instructions myself.

So I put together three different color combinations for the little girls to choose from
and let the big girls make their own color combinations.

We made our books a little larger than the tutorial,
sewed a decorative zig zag stitch on the front cover,
and added a paper posie to the front of the notebook for Craft Camp!

They turned out so darling!

I just can't express enough how much I am enjoying both of these group of girls.
They are just sweet as can be and have such great manners.
Truly a joy to work with.
And they all did so well taking their turn on the sewing machine!
I'm going to miss them next week.

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  1. those books are really cute!

  2. I once created a homemade book, very similar in style. I covered it in cloth, sewed the binding, and voila. It was fun. I'd do it much better now that I've started scrapbooking, but for back then...it was decent. LOL

    I'm sure the girls are loving this week. We need to find an April here in my neck of the woods...someone to keep the kids entertained for a good solid week.

  3. You should do this full time. You are great at it! Love those ideas!


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