Craft Camp - Day One.

{some of these crazy girls put all their flowers in their hair!}

{the trick to a finished headband....a little felt on the back!}

{my niece modeling her flower.}

{the big girls!}

My little campers are so cute + sweet.
Both the little girls + the big girls.

On DAY ONE we made silk flower headbands, silk flower clips + flower bobbies.

It is so fun to start my morning with the giggly little girls
then end my day with the pre-teens!

Can this please be my full-time job?
Just look how stinkin' cute they are!

Seriously, we are already talkin' winter break camp, spring break camp + summer camp next year!

{I got this fabulous idea of Craft Camp from a fellow blogger Dandee Designs. She is pretty amazing!
And, it so made sense since I have been the craft leader at our church's Girls Camp for two years now!}

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  1. April - I am beginning to idolize you. I really want to get a plan together and do this next Summer. I am a Mama to two little girlies and I think it would be a fantastic thing to do. Can you email me if you get a chance at jlanenh@comcast.net. I'd love to ask you a few questions - if you have the time, just about some particulars. I'm in NH and I think it would be a hit around here!

    Thanks! Can't wait to see what else you ladies do! Fun, fun!

  2. Ha ha. A whole new generation of "April Wannabes". Kerri still wants to be like you. :) I love your enthusiasm for helping girls and having fun at the same time.

  3. Those headbands are adorable! How much fun are you, to do this for the kids? :)


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