Craft Camp - Day Four.

Craft Camp - Day Four.
It was our t-shirt day!

The morning camp did appliqued t-shirts
the afternoon camp did spray paint t-shirts.
Button rings were thrown in there somewhere too.

The morning camp put their newly learned sewing skills
(from the paper notebooks the day before) to use,
and sewed around their ironed-on butterfly, flower or bird.

Both crafts were huge hits and turned out so cute!
It was so fun to see the girls wear {proudly} their newest craft to camp each day.post signature


  1. April I love the crafts they are so charming and the girls look like they really enjoyed themselves.you really have a gift for creating crafts and connecting reith people..I'd come to camp if I could!

  2. Ok...did you use regular spray paint on the T-shirts? Does that stay on?? Oh man if it does... I am going to be so excited!!!

  3. Love them! I might have to snatch a few of those rings off those girls. :)

  4. More amazing ideas April! Love those tees and the smiling faces!

  5. Where did you find the rosettes for the rings? Darling.


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