Blake's 8th 'Carnival-Theme' Birthday Party!

A birthday party was planned for Blake with all his boy cousins.
He does better with small crowds + adores his cousins.
It started out as just a get together,
but I couldn't plan a party without a theme.

The carnival theme was inspired by the swirl lollipops we found
the day BEFORE the party.
I knew we could plan an old-fashioned carnival themed party
on a shoe-string budget, last-minute
and the boys would have a blast.

Lollipops bought at Six Flags for $1.99 each.
Bags of cotton candy from Target - $1.00 each.
Perfect pair for carnival themed party favors!

I already had the circus tray, the popcorn containers and the number 8 bucket.
Triangles of p,b & j sandwiches, popcorn and ice-cold lemonade
for boys on the go while playing.

My parents have a beautiful backyard and
they own a bounce house for all the grand kids.
So the location and bounce house were FREE.

The rest of the carnival theme stations included:

a slip-n-slide
donuts on a string
bobbing for apples
a tattoo station!

Next we opened presents
blew out candles
ate Kaia's homemade {from scratch} vanilla yellow cupcakes
ended with Blake's favorite treat....
Root Beer Floats!

It was a complete success,
stress-free, budget-friendly and
a huge hit with the boys!

And P.S. this was the most frustrating post to post EVER.
Not liking Blogger very much right now.
First I couldn't load any pictures.
Then I could load but would lose them.
Then re-load and lose again when almost finished with the post.
A crazy 4 hours total to get this thing together.
Now....onto my day!

And to top it off, my signature was completely lost.


  1. Looks like a great time!!!! I love your photo collages, what photo program do you use?

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. Mama Monster - I use Picasa 3, it came with my laptop! Thanks for your comment.

    By the way, I think your family is totally cute. I smile everytime I go onto your blog and see your family picture!

  3. The birthday party looks like it was a HUGE success! Good Job! Like always - everything looks SUPER cute! Avery had a carnival theme too this year for her birthday - so much fun! The perfect party for the perfect 8 year old! Happy Birthday Blake!

  4. SUPER cute April! I love it! Great photos and what a happy bday boy!

  5. I cannot believe you threw that together in a day! It looks awesome and fun for the boys! Happy Birthday to your Blake!

    P.S. I use LiveWriter for blogging - so easy for uploading pics & posting.

  6. What a great party! Simple but fun, my kinda party! Looks like the boys had a great time!

  7. Awesome idea!! I'm 28 and wouldn't mind this for my birthday...if it wasn't right smack in the middle of winter!

    Blogger tends to annoy me from time to time. If it's not posting issues then something's wrong with the comments. Glad you finally got it up and I agree, the pictures looks so good. Really liking your blog's layout. It's so clean, roomy and colorful :)

  8. cute party!

    do you use flickr? if so you can just copy the embed code of your photo and place it wherever you want it to show up in your post. no uploading to blogger necessary, and it makes your blog faster for people with old, slow computers (like me!).


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